FSx Volumes

The FSx Protection page will show you any FSx volumes that are associated with the account that you have deployed our solution in, as well as volumes from any accounts linked to your console. Here you'll be able to create Antivirus scanning and Data classification schedules for FSx Volumes.

Currently we support the NetApp ONTAP, Lustre, and OpenZFS file systems, however we will add support for additional file systems in future releases. If you need a specific file system supported please Contact Us.

Creating an FSx volume scan or classification schedule

You can create a schedule within the Schedules page, or you can create a schedule for FSx volumes directly from the FSx Volumes page.

  1. Select the FSx volumes you want to protect through a schedule

  2. Click actions and select either Create AV Schedule or Create DC Schedule

  3. You can select any additional FSx volumes and add EFS and EBS volumes or S3 buckets to the schedule through the schedule popup

  4. Once you have all of the resources you want to add to a schedule selected, click on the Create Schedule tab

  5. Name your schedule, add the scan period and make any additional changes you need

  6. Click Save once you're done

After your schedule is created you'll want to go to the Schedules page and activate the schedule.

Now your schedule will run per the scan period that you originally configured. If you need to add or remove volumes, or make any other configuration changes you can always edit the schedule on the Schedules page.

Networking Considerations

We will add a security group (SG) to the ENI connected to the FSx subnets. There is a hard limit of 5 SGs per ENI, so there is a possibility that you may have the number of attached SGs maxed out before adding us to the mix. Please review and combine SGs, if possible.

With Job Networking, it is essentially giving us permission to run our processes through those chosen subnets/AZs. But once permission is granted, they can't (yet) be modified through the console. They currently need to be updated in DynamoDB. We will be adding a central job networking page where you can modify these settings at-will. If you need assistance with this Contact Us.

Volume Schedule Statuses

The schedule icons shown below will reflect whether a bucket is associated with a schedule and whether that schedule is active or not.

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