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We will cover a running list of new features and releases with the latest always placed at the top.
Please upgrade your Linked Account Roles to v1.12 or later BEFORE upgrading your console/agent to v7.
If you do not upgrade your Linked Account Roles then you could experience problems when using EventBridge. Click here to learn more about Linked Account Updates.
Please also note, you'll also need to upgrade your console/agent to the latest current version you're currently on before you can upgrade to the next major version.
For example, if you are on v5, you'll need to upgrade to the latest version of v5, then upgrade to the latest of v6, then finally upgrade to v7.

September 2023 - Console: V7.01.001, Agent: V7.01.001

In this release:
  • EBS and EFS Scheduled Scanning
    • We now support schedule-based virus scanning and data classification for EBS volumes and EFS volumes
    • EBS Virus Scanning and Classification supports Linux and Windows (FAT4, XFS, NTFS, exFAT. FileSystems)
    • You can now have a schedule that scans and classifies a mixture of S3 buckets, EBS and EFS volumes
Please note that you must first stage a region to run a scan on any EBS volume within that region, if you have not already deployed a scanner within that region.
This will be corrected in a patch, afterwhich you will be prompted to configure the region when activating your schedule.
  • Problem Files Rescan Functionality
    • You now have the ability to rescan any problem files that are found to be infected, unscannable, suspicious, or have an error.
    • If a file is found to be unscannable or produces an error upon being scanned, we will not charge you for the data that scan used. Once you rescan, if the file is scanned successfully and is found to be clean, infected, or suspicious the scan will count towards your scanning data.
Select the problem files you want to rescan
  • Proactive Monitoring
    • This is the first version of our Proactive Monitoring functionality. This will be part of a larger release where we will implement modules to monitor certain parts of your deployment
    • Your Console and Agent will detect issues and create CloudWatch alarms to notify you of a broken deployment. This iteration monitors the following:
      • Event Agent SNS Topic or Access Policy doesn't exist
        • Re-create SNS topic and automatically fix Access Policy
      • Invalid ECS Task Running
        • Performs an analysis on resources to determine if the Task is running when it should not.
          Unhealthy status means:
          • ScanQueue job status is not running
          • SQS Queue is missing
        • A notification email will be sent informing you of an unhealthy region
      • Console Health Check
        • If the Console is found to be unhealthy we will send a notification when the CloudWatch Alarm Status changes
  • Updated Protection Section in Management Console Navigation
    • Protection now links to pages for your S3 Buckets, EBS Volumes, EFS Volumes, and WorkDocs Connections
Updated Navigation for Protection
  • Various Bug Fixes:
    • API Agent Cross Region Scanning Fix
    • Scan Now improvement on scan schedules
    • WorkDocs icon in Problem Files table
    • CloudTrail Integration Fix
    • Large File Scanning improvements and fixes
v7.01.001 CloudFormation Template

August 2023 - Console: V7.00.004, Agent: NA

In this release:
  • Various Bug Fixes:
    • Extra large file scanning and EC2 error
v7.00.004 CloudFormation Template

August 2023 - Console: V7.00.003, Agent: NA

In this release:
  • Various Bug Fixes:
    • AWS Marketplace metering reporting
v7.00.003 CloudFormation Template

July 2023 - Console: v7.00.002, Agent: v7.00.000

In this release:
CrowdStrike in Scan Settings
  • Secure Your Managed File Transfer: Cloud Storage Security + AWS Transfer Family
    • Ensure the data that is moved into Amazon S3 via AWS Transfer Family is free of ransomware, viruses, trojans and other payloads by scanning it inline with Antivirus for Amazon S3
    • Integrated AWS Partner Solution created for simple, single-click install of both solutions. Be up and running with both solutions in under 15 minutes
    • Check out the Integrations page for more details
  • Event Bridge Support in Console
    • In November of 2022 we released Event Bridge support through our management API. As of v7.00.000, you can now protect your buckets with Event Bridge or with S3 Event Notifications protection through the Console and if there is a conflict we will best match protection method to resolve the conflict
    Two conflicted buckets, one protected using Event Bridge
    • For example, if you select multiple buckets to protect with event-based. scanning and some of them contain conflicts we will protect the conflict buckets with Event Bridge (after you acknowledge this in the popup modal) and the rest will be protected with S3 Event Notifications. If you decline in the modal we will not protect those conflicted buckets.
    • If Protect with Event Bridge is enabled globally from Scan Settings then we will protect all selected buckets with Event Bridge without acknowledgment.
    • Learn more on the Bucket Protection and Scan Settings pages on how Event Bridge helps to resolve event-based scanning on conflicted buckets
Event Bridge enabled for all bucket in Scan Settings
Protecting buckets with Event Bridge will incur additional AWS charges. If enabled globally, we will not go back to currently protected buckets and switch their current protection method.
  • API Scanning Agent
    • Updated Load Balancer SSL certificate from TLS 1.2 to 1.3
    • Additional engine choices for scanning now include CrowdStrike and ClamAV
Multi-engine API scanning will be coming in a future release.
Please note, that if the application you have integrated API scanning into only supports TLS 1.2 you will need to upgrade it to support TLS 1.3. Otherwise your application will not be able to successfully communicate with our API Scanning Agent.
  • Problem Files
    • Pagination Improvements
    • CSV export improvements
  • Various Bug Fixes
    • Better character handling for file paths
    • Resolved problem file allow once/permanently error when infected file handling is set to Keep
    • Scanning agent logging and updates improvements
    • SQS Queue messages handling
v7.00.002 CloudFormation Template
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