A list of features and releases for version 6 and prior.

We released v7.00.000 of our solution in July 2023. If you haven't already updated and are running an older version you can review release details for previous versions on this page.

We recommend you upgrade your deployment to the latest version to receive the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. Please note you'll need to upgrade to the latest current version you're on before you can upgrade to the next major version.

If you need to find the release notes for v7 you can click here.

June 2023 - Console: v6.06.000, Agent: v6.06.000

In this release:

  • System Tagging for Resources

    • The System Tags feature allows you to apply your own custom tags to the resources deployed by Cloud Storage Security within your AWS environment. By applying descriptive tags to your resources, you gain the ability to categorize, search, and filter based on specific criteria.

  • API Scanning with ClamAV

    • API Scanning now supports both the ClamAV and Sophos scanning engines. When you create your API agent you'll be able to select the scanning engine you want to use. Both engines support the following functions:

      • API/Token

      • API/Scan

      • API/Scan/Upload

      • API/Scan/Existing

      • API/Scan/URL

  • Prefixes support for On Demand Scanning

    • You can now set prefixes for your buckets when performing a retro-based on demand scan.

  • Data scanned column added to Results page table

    • The results table located under Monitoring > Results now shows the amount of data scanned for each date across each type of breakdown.

  • Problem Files Page Improvements

    • Pagination is now available on the Problem Files page

    • You can now export data shown on the Problem Files page to a CSV for external analysis

  • Various Bug Fixes

    • Additional bug fixes and improvements for both Antivirus and Data Classification.

v6.06.000 CloudFormation Template

v6.06.000 CFT

May 2023 - Console: NA, Agent: v6.05.006

In this release:

  • Various Bug Fixes:

    • Scan Queue improvement if crawling is still running

    • Agent environment improvements

May 2023 - Console: NA, Agent: v6.05.005

In this release:

  • Various Bug Fixes:

    • Ensuring files that cannot fit on disk are properly deleted

    • Agent Linked Account Role Assumption Error Handling Improvements

May 2023 - Console: v6.05.004, Agent: NA

In this release:

  • Various Bug Fixes:

    • Fix for bucket protection failing after console reboot

April 2023 - Console: 6.05.003, Agent: 6.05.002

In this release:

  • Various Bug Fixes:

    • Linked Account improvements

    • AWS Marketplace metering

April 2023 - Console: 6.05.002, Agent: NA

In this release:

  • Various Bug Fixes:

    • Fix API Agent security group deployment issue - when upgrading an existing API Endpoint the agent security group was modified to have no inbound rules (introduced in 6.05.001) - this release fixes that

v6.05.002 CloudFormation Template

v6.05.002 CFT

April 2023 - Console: 6.05.001, Agent: 6.05.001

For those that have a larger ProblemFiles table in DynamoDB you may notice that this update will take longer than regular. Please DO NOT restart the console or disrupt the update as that may cause damage to your deployment.

In this release:

  • Specify your own Security Groups at deployment

    • We have had a number of requests to leverage existing Security Groups rather than having the solution create its own

    • You can now specify Security Groups when deploying from the CloudFormation Template

  • New Console User Role: Read-only

    • You can now create console users that have read-only permissions throughout the console

    • These users will not be able to make any changes to any functioning aspect of the deployment

    • They will be able to download reporting information from: Results, Usage and Problem Files reporting

  • API Endpoint UI Enhancement

    • You can now easily specify separate sets of Subnets for the Load Balancer and the Scanning Agent independently

  • Event-based Scanning for Data Classification is now available

    • Long-awaited request delivered. On top of schedule based data classification, real-time event-based classification is publicly released

    • Simply click the shield to turn on event driven, rules-based classification of files

    • Pair AV and data classification scanning together off of the same event driven scanning

    • Create a 3 bucket system where you AV scan first, chain classification onto the clean files and after that only promote clean, non-sensitive files to production for consumption

  • Archive Handling Enhancements

    • No longer run into archive file issues where the archive uncompresses to larger than the available disk

    • True archive file size evaluated before scanning takes place - if true size is found to be too big it can trigger the Large File Scanning process or simply tag the file as unscannable-too large

    • This is applicable to zip, 7zip and gz files as this time - reach out to us if more file types need to be supported sooner

  • Improved scanning performance with the Sophos engine

    • On average 3x faster than previous throughput

  • Updated SSL certificate for console when using default DNS

The current SSL certificate for the console will expire in June 2023. We suggest upgrading your console to avoid any expired SSL certificate errors.

v6.05.001 CloudFormation Template

v6.05.001 CFT

March 2023 - Console: 6.04.007, Agent: 6.04.008

In this release:

  • Improved directions for setting up WorkDocs connections

  • Handling inability to connect to AWS Marketplace when looking for license

  • Fixed IDP support for Cognito in GovCloud

  • Fixed issue where included monthly GB is not properly provisioned

  • Handle Sophos error code 0070 disk full

    • For zip and 7z files when 0070 is found the scanner will either mark the file a unscannable - too large or send the file off for Large File Scanning (if enabled)

  • Improved logging on scanning Agent shutdown

v6.04.007 CloudFormation Template

v6.04.007 CFT

March 2023 - Console: NA, Agent: 6.04.006

In this release:

Critical to update your scanning agent - Started March 2, 2023

Please upgrade your scanning agent to avoid scanning down time. If you are on Scanning Agent v6.04.000 or newer, you must upgrade your agent to avoid scanning down time.

If you think you have had a lapse of scanning, you can easily go back and scan data from the missing time frame with an On-demand Scan. It is easy to configure for a specific time frame and only scan the files that haven't already been scanned.

  • Various Bug Fixes

    • Addressed an update bug where the Sophos scan engine would crash after the signature update halting scanning.

March 2023 - Console: 6.04.006, Agent: 6.04.005

In this release:

  • Various Bug Fixes

    • ResultKind (sub scan result) added to the API response

    • Fixed a scheduled scanning bug caused by an out of band process deleting a bucket and the schedule not being updated accordingly causing the scheduled scan to error

    • Storage Assessment - new deployments will not automatically create disabled inventory configs on every bucket

    • Storage Assessment - defaulted to off for new installs and upgrades (will remain on if already on)

    • Fixed a strange/rare billing bug

v6.04.006 CloudFormation Template

v6.04.006 CFT

February 2023 - Console NA, Agent: 6.04.004

In this release:

Upgrade your scanning agent.

  • A patch for the ClamAV scanning engine to address the following vulnerability - CVE-2023-20032. You can learn more about the upgrade on ClamAV's blog.

If you are using ClamAV we recommend you perform an upgrade of the agent immediately.

February 2023 - Console v6.04.005, Agent: NA

In this release:

  • License Mode Switcher

    • You now have the ability to change from BYOL <--> PAYG mode

    • For those times you started with one billing model and wanted to switch to the other without re-deploying the solution and losing the history

You must subscribe to the corresponding AWS Marketplace listing so the entitlement check passes appropriately. If you were on BYOL and want to switch to PAYG, you must subscribe to the PAYG listing.

  • Various Bug Fixes

    • Multi-region bucket crawling in Schedules

    • Storage Assessment fix for Linked Accounts

v6.04.005 CloudFormation Template

v6.04.005 CFT

January 2023 - Console v6.04.004, Agent: NA

In this release:

  • CloudTrail Lake Integration released

    • With the newly launched PutAuditEvents API for AWS CloudTrail Lake, CSS has created a simple integration for you to capture user activity and events from the CSS console. In just a few steps, you can consolidate CSS activity logs together with AWS activity logs in CloudTrail Lake without having to build or manage the event data pipeline.

    • Check out the Integrations page for more details

  • Various Bug Fixes

v6.04.004 CloudFormation Template

v6.04.004 CFT

January 2023 - Console: v6.04.003, Agent: v6.04.003

In this release:

  • Patch build to correct found vulnerabilities

    • Management Console moved to CentOS Stream 9

  • Various Bug Fixes


v6.04.003 CloudFormation Template

v6.04.003 CFT

January 2023 - Console: v6.04.002, Agent: v6.04.002

In this release:

  • EC2 Tagging

    • The EC2 instances that run for Large File Scanning can now be tagged

    • Tags are manually defined (at this time) by running a Stack update and filling in the EC2 Tags field

  • Export Problem Files report

    • Problem Files reporting can now be exported from the Problem Files page within the Console

  • Various Bug Fixes

    • read-only root file system fixes

    • crawling improvements

    • API scaling thresholds - reduced thresholds from 1000 to 200

v6.04.002 CloudFormation Template

v6.04.002 CFT

January 2023 - Agent: v6.04.001

In this release:

Upgrade your Scanning Agents

Agent-only release

Fixed Storage Assessment data gathering bug where it would crawl and perform S3 Get calls more often than it should causing an increase in logging and potentially higher AWS costs

December 2022 - Console: v6.04.001, Agent: v6.04.000

In this release:

Must Upgrade Linked Account Role Please upgrade to the latest Linked Account Role. If you are prior to version 1.11.000, then you will have to upgrade each linked account's role manually (sorry). Going forward you will be able to update through the console.

  • Storage Assessment

    • The new Storage Assessment feature is the start of additional functionality we are adding to give you better intelligence around your data

    • This new functionality helps you answer the questions: what do I have? where is it located? what are my data trends? what coverage for scanning and encryption do I have for my storage?

Additional Costs - This feature is automatically turned on when you upgrade to this release through the standard console upgrade process. You can disable this feature at upgrade by manually updating the stack and turning the drop down selection to False.

This feature will start by crawling all of your data to give you an initial overview to all of the files you have stored in Amazon S3. After that initial crawl, Storage Assessment will leverage S3 Inventory to continue to assess the data. Both the crawl and S3 Inventory have minimal charges associated with them.

Percent Scanned requires the checking of S3 Tags to determine if the scan-result tags exist on the objects. GetObjectTagging calls will be made against every inventoried S3 bucket

  • read-only root file system fix

    • Made it so the Fargate container root file systems are read-only

  • Various Bug Fixes

    • Improved unusual character handling in object key values - specifically those files that happen to have // in the key itself

v6.04.000 and v6.04.001 CloudFormation Template v6.04.001 CFT v6.04.000 CFT

November 2022 - Console: v6.03.000, Agent: v6.03.000

In this release:

  • EventBridge integration to solve event conflicts on buckets

    • There are 3 conflicts that can occur in respect to Amazon S3 bucket notifications: lambda, queue, and topics. Lambda and SQS created a scenario where the scanning engine and the existing workflow could not share events.

    • The EventBridge integration will allow existing Lambdas and Queues and AVforS3 to each receive the All Object Create event and perform the work needed.

    • A new attribute, 'useEventBridge`, has been added to the Bucket-->Protect API call to allow you to specify whether or not to use EventBridge with a given bucket.

Setting This Up

The UI will allow you to simply protect a conflicted bucket as you do any other bucket, but in this release you must activate protection through the Management API. This is a very simple process by using the Swagger documentation we have attached to the AVforS3 Console (https://consoleURL/swagger)

  ![bucket protection api](./img/releasenotes-protectbucket-api.png)
  • Object Key added to the Scan Result filterable attributes

    • With the Key added to the Message Attributes, you can now filter the message by path or entire file name for advanced filtering

    • This is a great set of AWS doc pages that show the power of how message filtering can work: Amazon SNS subscription filter policies

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

    • Job crawling improvements - crawling in parallel and scanning is kicked off immediately as opposed to when crawling completed

    • Fixe public IP override for task definitions

    • Improve S3 registration with SNS Topic

    • Jobs status cleanup

    • Dashboard custom date selection fix

    • Deregister all task definitions upon service termination

    • Cleanup Notifications

    • AppConfig resources now created and cleaned up by the CFT

    • Permissions updates

October 2022 - Console: v6.02.005, Agent: v6.02.005

In this release:

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

    • Multiple proxy deployment related adjustments and fixes

September 2022 - Console: v6.02.002, Agent: v6.02.003

In this release:

  • Scanning Agents check updates over proxy

    • Private Mirror was required when deployed in proxy mode

    • With this release the scanning agents can check for signature updates over the proxy

    !!! note Ensure you have the proxy open to allow for the ClamAV traffic

  • Better handling for encrypted files

    • With this release we will identify more encrypted file types and mark them as unscannable - encrypted rather than letting them pass through

    • Sophos Engine Only - ClamAV will still pass most of these through as clean

    !!! note SafeGuard encrypted file (self-extracting) Microsoft Office 2007 Encrypted Package (password protected) Microsoft Excel 2007 onwards [encrypted] Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 onwards [encrypted] Microsoft Word 2007 onwards [encrypted] Open Packaging Convention file format (OPC) [encrypted] Open Document Format for Office Applications [encrypted] PK ZIP archive [encrypted] SafeGuard encrypted file ACE archive [encrypted] Kremlin encrypted file xBase Database File (DBF) [encrypted] PGP encrypted file (binary) OpenPGP/GPG encrypted file AxCrypt Encrypted File SecurityBox encrypted file PGP encrypted message (ASCII-Armored)

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

    • Addressed inconsistency with establishing the S3 Client for us-east-1

September 2022 - Console: v6.02.000, Agent: v6.02.000

In this release:

  • Help enforce best practices throughout your Amazon S3 buckets:

    • Block Public Access - allows you to turn off the public access settings

    • Reconcile Encryption - allows you to determine whether the objects in your bucket are encrypted or not and remediate by specifying an encryption key if so desired. Otherwise it will simply output the list of files that are not encrypted

    • Enable Logging - turn on logging for select Amazon S3 buckets

  • Deployment Improvements

    • One of the most secure ways to deploy any solution is to air-gap it as much as you can. Restrict the access in and even the access out. We fully support this option with the use of VPC Endpoints, a Proxy Server (of your choice) to limit the outbound and the ability to Private Mirror the signature updates

    • This update fully makes this a reality with a documented approach on how to do it

  • Admin API Additions

    • Added more functionality to simplify solution management: deployment, tear down, protection, etc

    • Type /swagger to the end of your deployment base URL for all the details on the available APIs

  • Object Tagging for Errors

    • Added details to objects there were unscannable due to error

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

June 2022 - Console: v6.01.000, Agent: v6.01.000

In this release:

  • Amazon WorkDocs Scanning

    • We're happy to announce event-based scanning for Amazon WorkDocs

    • Following our simple-to-protect philosophy, you will easily be able to enable protection and quarantining of files stored and managed within Amazon WorkDocs

    • More details to come, look under Configuration-->WorkDocs Connections to configure within your Console

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

    • Fix race condition on v6 upgrade with entitlement

    • Fix uploadedBy required in the scan API

    • Fix API data tracking in dashboard and reports

June 2022 - Console: v6.00.001, Agent: v6.00.002

In this release:

  • SSL Certificate Update

    • Console and API Agent updates to support updated built-in SSL certificate

May 2022 - Console: v6.00.000, Agent: v6.00.001

In this release:

  • API bug fix introduced in v6.00.000

    • Agent-only release

May 2022 - Console: v6.00.000, Agent: v6.00.000

In this release:

  • Data Classification for Amazon S3

    • The initial release of our new sensitive data discovery functionality

    • Data Classification for Amazon S3 is a cloud-based in-tenant solution that leverages the power of Sophos to identify sensitive data at petabyte scale across all S3 buckets. Knowing what sensitive data exists and where it exists enables you to proactively manage data privacy and protection as well as compliance with frameworks such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, and HIPAA.

      • Identifies hundreds of sensitive data types across a variety of file types and 11 regional localizations; looks at bucket configurations

      • Pinpoint Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial data, health care information, government ID numbers and more, as well as where it resides, at scale

    • DC for Amazon S3 can be run stand-alone or in tandem with AV for Amazon S3

    • Free Trial - give it a go for 30 days! Trial extensions available when needed.

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

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