API Scanning: Could not connect to SSL/TLS (v7)

As of v7 of our solution, we have implemented TLS 1.3, so if your application is still using TLS 1.2, you will receive an error response.

To solve this, you can still be in the latest version on our product and keep your API Scanning working by changing the TLS version of the API's load balancer:

In AWS, in the API Agent's region, go to EC2 > LoadBalancers > CloudStorageSecApiLB-{appId} > Listeners and Rules > Https: 443 Listener

Once there, go to Actions > Edit Listener

Scroll down to the Secure listener settings and change the Security Policy from TLS1.3 to the (recommended) one.

Once this is done, Save the changes, wait a few minutes, and try your API/Token call again.

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