The Dashboard is great for a high level view into the activity within your environment. But, sometimes you want to see the specific numbers broken down by Group and / or Account.

Usage Rollup Overview

The Usage page is a rollup view of each/all Groups and each/all Accounts by time slice (month to date, previous month, 3/6/12 months). Charts at the top of this page will show you a rolling 12 month view the total GBs scanned based on which Group you have selected. The panels below the charts will give you greater detail into the overall GBs scanned broken down by scan type (Event, Retro or API) for each and every group. If you do not use groups at all, then you will see all of your accounts listed both in the charts as well as the panels.


The charts give you a quick, high level view into the usage. When you land on the page the Primary group will be selected and show you the first-level set of groups below.

Total GB Scanned By Group

The counts you see in this chart will be an aggregate set of usage for all branches below each individual first-level group. If any accounts directly exist in the top-level group selected they will be shown as individual entities as well. The filter below the chart will impact this chart as well as the panels below. When you land on the page you will see all groups / accounts below the absolute top of the tree you have access to. You can then select individually the first-level of groups below.

Total GB Scanned By Account

This chart shows you a breakdown for all the accounts in the entire tree for the top-level selected. This could turn out to be a lot of accounts so filter down as needed either at the Group-level for the entire console session or at the filter-level within the page. The legend reflects the Account Nickname and Number for each account.

Group Panels

The Group Panels will give you the details for each and every group you have access to. If you are at the top level, Primary, you will see every group below. If you do not see Primary, then you are assigned only to a sub-group(s) and will have access to those alone.

In the case of the picture below, you can see this user has full Primary access and there are three first-level groups:

  1. Development

  2. Production

  3. Testing

The page loads with all group panels collapsed, but with a summary for the selected time frame. All first-level groups will show at the top of the list and then the sub-groups will follow for each top-level group.

New groups added after the first load of this page could show up at the bottom until the console is rebooted.

Each individual group panel will show a complete rollup of the child groups and accounts directly assigned to this group.

Primary Panel - full view of child groups and directly assigned accounts

Child Group Panel

Export Data

You can export the data described above into a CSV format by clicking the Export to CSV button. A sample output can be seen below:

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