Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

This is the most common subscription option for Antivirus for Amazon S3 and Data Classification for Amazon S3 when deploying for a free trial or production deployment.

What is the PAYG subscription?

In order to deploy and use our Antivirus for Amazon S3 or Data Classification for Amazon S3 solutions, you must be subscribed to the AWS Marketplace listings for each of the tools you want to use in the account that you want to deploy the Management Console in.

Our PAYG subscription allows you to transact directly through AWS Marketplace when using our Antivirus for Amazon S3 and Data Classification for Amazon S3 solutions. Each tool has its own AWS Marketplace PAYG listing:

If you only want to deploy one of the tools then subscribe to the listing for that specific tool. If you want to deploy both AV and DC then subscribe to both PAYG listings.

Please note, each listing has different subscription terms and you will be charged separately for the AV and DC subscriptions.

Step 1 - Find the PAYG listing on AWS Marketplace

Go to the Cloud Storage Security listing on AWS Marketplace for the specific tool you want to subscribe to and deploy.

Alternatively, you can search on AWS Marketplace for "Cloud Storage Security".

Step 2 - Subscribe to the product listing

Click on the Continue to Subscribe button within the AWS Marketplace listing to begin the subscription process.

You will be asked to accept the terms. Please review our EULA before accepting the terms.

The Effective Date and Expiration Date will change to Pending for a few seconds. Once they are approved, click the Continue to Configuration button. You are now officially subscribed to the product.

Step 3 - Configure and Launch Antivirus for Amazon S3

For the next screeFulfillmentleave the Fullfilment Option and Software Version to the default options and click the Continue to Launch button.

To deploy with Terraform instead of CloudFormation, find the registry module here.

Once configuration is complete you can launch the software. Scroll down to Container Images. Within Deployment Templates, click the Click to Launch Antivirus for Amazon S3 Deployment link.

This will open the AWS Console CloudFormation service in a different tab with the CloudFormation Stack used to deploy the solution ready for you to configure. Leave the AWS Marketplace tab open just in case you need to restart the Stack again.

Next go to the How to Deploy section to learn more about the deployment process and how to configure the CloudFormation Stack to deploy our solution in your AWS environment.

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