Classification Rule Sets

If you have Data Classification enabled you will see this Classification Rule Sets page under the Configuration section

Here you will see the rule sets available for Data Classification. The grey rule sets are default rule sets available out of the box. You cannot edit these default rule sets.

The Rules Count column will show how many rules exist in each rule set. The Containers Count column shows how many buckets a particular rule set is enabled on whether it be for event-based or retro-based data classification.

Adding a custom rule set

You can create your own custom rule set by clicking the Create Rule Set button. A custom rule set will allow you to mix and match rules from any default rule set available. This way you can build a rule set based on the specific frameworks and data you need to classify on.

Once you have the rules selected for your custom rule set you can click the save button to create the rule set. After that all you need to do is enable event-based protection on a bucket or create a DC schedule.

Rule Locales

You'll notice that some rules can be global since the type of information that is being classified isn't formatted in a specific way. Other rules can have localized options since the type of information you need to classify on can be different based on country.

Filtering Locales

You can filter the rule sets down to show only rules for specific countries. Select the country you want to filter by from the Regions dropdown.

Default Rule Sets

Below is a list of the default rule sets we currently have available, the number of rules for each rule set, and descriptions of what you can expect for each rule set.

Rule SetNumber of RulesDescription

Canadian Health Service


Personal health card number information for British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Document classification


Confidential, sensitive, personal, etc. content markers

Financial Data


Bank account details, credit card numbers, financial/personal identifiers, etc.

Health Care


Social Security Numbers, ailments, medical patient forms, etc.



Social Security Numbers, ailments, medical patient forms, etc. Localized to USA formats and specific for HIPAA compliance

Item identifiers


Vehicle license plates, Postal codes, Microsoft license keys, etc.



Bank account details, credit card numbers, financial/personal identifiers, etc. Specific to PCI DSS compliance

Personally Identifiable Information


Bank account details, driver's license details, passport details, etc.

UK National Health Service


National insurance numbers with qualifying term, National insurance numbers, NHS number personal identifier near date of birth, NHS number personal identifier, Community Health Index. Specific rule set for the United Kingdom

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