AWS Transfer Family

Ensure the data that is moved into Amazon S3 via AWS Transfer Family is free of ransomware, viruses, trojans and other payloads by scanning it inline with Antivirus for Amazon S3

Learn more about our Transfer Family integration here.

Steps to Deploy

Step 1 - Locate the Transfer Family-specific offering

To deploy the solution, first you need to find it on the AWS Marketplace. Locate the direct listing here on AWS Marketplace.

Alternatively, you can search on AWS Marketplace for "Cloud Storage Security".

Step 2 - Subscribe to the listing

Click on the Continue to Subscribe button within the AWS Marketplace listing to begin the subscription process.

You will be asked to accept the terms. Please review our EULA before accepting the terms.

Step 3 - Launch the software

After you subscribe you will need to launch the pre-populated CloudFormation template.

Next go to the AWS Transfer Family page under the How to Deploy section to learn more about the deployment process and how to configure the CloudFormation Stack to deploy our solution in your AWS environment.

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