Scan Results

The Problem Files Chart on the Dashboard is great for an active, high level view into the activity within your environment. But, sometimes you want and need to see more specific metrics.


The Scan Results page is a simple view by day, week, month or custom time range for all scan results across the deployment. Charts at the top of this page will match to the time window selected and will give you graphical view into the total scan results. The table below will give you granular views for each day, week or month. There are three tabs across the top of the table giving you a total Summary or a breakdown by Account and even a breakdown by Bucket.


The charts give you a quick, high level view into the overall scan/classification results for the system. When you land on the page you'll see the daily scan/classification results for the last 30 days with options to change the time window.

Clean and Total Objects Scanned

The counts you see in this chart will be total numbers of all objects scanned for the given time window. The clean scan results are called out in this chart as well.

Problem Scan Results

This chart shows you a breakdown of all the non-clean scan results (Infected, Unscannable and Error) for the given time window.

Table Data

The table data shown below the charts are the details for each slice of the time window. If the Daily time window is selected then we show the last 30 days worth of data. If Weekly is selected then we show the last 17 weeks of data. With Monthly selected we show the last 13 months of data.

This page and table is meant to be a very simple report on the scanning taking place in your environment.

Summary Tab

On this tab you will see an overall scan view for the deployment. This is the total number of scans across all accounts within the deployment. At times you may see zeros for the current day row. This is a result of when we gather the data (midnight). So zeros are shown until the nightly run. You can get an immediate current count for the day by clicking the Update All Scan Results green button.

You'll also notice that most numbers within the Summary tab are clickable. These links take you into the Problem Files page with the results filtered down to that time slice and scan result (infected, error or unscannable). This allows you to directly drill down into the details for the day or the problem file type making it easier to dig deeper.

  • Clicking the Date will take you to all the files found on that date

  • Clicking one of the numbers for Infected, Error or Unscannable you will be redirected to the Problem Files page filtered down to those type of problems

Account Breakdown Tab

On this tab you will see an activity breakdown by the accounts you have linked within your deployment. So you will see the scan numbers for each and every account.

If you are looking for amounts of data scanned and not total file counts, then check out the Usage Report.

Bucket Breakdown Tab

On this tab you will see activity for each bucket that had activity in the given time window. This is very useful to get a feel for where the activity is coming from and to ensure you are protecting where you are expecting.

Export Data

You can export the data you see based on the time slice you are in by clicking the Export to CSV button. You'll have the choice to download all three of the tab's data or for an individual tab. Sample outputs can be seen below.

Summary Report Exported:

Account Report Exported:

Bucket Report Exported:

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