WorkDocs Connections

In addition to Amazon S3 buckets, EBS, and EFS scanning we also support the scanning of files uploaded to Amazon WorkDocs.

Before you setup a WorkDocs Connection, make sure you have a VPC and 2 subnets set for the region your WorkDocs directory is in. You can learn more about staging regions in the Event Agent Settings page.

Authorize the console role to add subscriptions to WorkDocs

In the WorkDocs console, select the site, then go to Actions > Manage notifications.

If you don't see our console role ARN in the table, Create a Notification and put in the console ARN from the modal in the Antivirus for Amazon S3 console.

If you overrode our default name in the CloudFormation template the console ARN will be different in the dialog. You'll need to grab the correct ARN from IAM.

Create WorkDocs connections

To create a WorkDocs connection you can select Add Connection.

  1. In the popup dialog, enter the Organization ID you would like to link. This is usually the Directory ID related to this WorkDocs connection in AWS Directory Service.

  2. Choose the Account this WorkDocs organization is in. Finally, Choose the region the WorkDocs organization is in.

  3. Optionally, enter a nickname for this connection (i.e. "Shared Files"). If you do not enter one, it will be set to the Organization ID.

  4. Click the "Create Connection" button.

You must have access to the AWS account that contains the WorkDocs repository and it must already be linked to this application. If you need assistance with linking accounts you can learn more here.

Removing WorkDocs connections

Due to a limitation in AWS, currently you cannot remove a WorkDocs connection if it is in a Linked Account. Please Contact Us if you run into this issue.

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