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Cloud Storage Security Antivirus for Amazon S3 is available via the AWS Marketplace. To install the software and get it running, you will have to complete three tasks.

Task 1 - How to Subscribe

Subscribe to Cloud Storage Security Antivirus for Amazon S3 in the AWS Marketplace. This will start the process and allow you to pay for the service thru your AWS bill.

For this task, click How to Subscribe.

Task 2 - How to Deploy

After you are subscribed, the software is deployed as an ECS container and set of resources. The software is installed using a CloudFormation Template. You will be asked a series of questions to determine how to install the software.

For this task, click How to Deploy.

Task 3 - How to Configure

Once the software is running, you will connect to the "Antivirus for Amazon S3" Console and start your anti-malware protection.

For this task, click How to Configure.

Once you have completed these tasks, "Antivirus of Amazon S3" will be monitoring your Amazon S3 Buckets for malware. You will be able to monitor and reconfigure the anti-malware software from the Console.


If you'd prefer to follow a downloadable PDF, you can retrieve a detailed Deployment Guide here.

There are a number of topics that are covered in the deployment guide (more details on TCO and recovery strategies if ever needed) that you will not find within the Help Docs.

Last update: September 24, 2020