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We would love to hear from you. If you would like to provide feedback or need any help with the product, please email us at or call 801-410-0408.

Live Support

We host weekly office hours every Wednesday! If you have a question, issue or suggestion about Antivirus for Amazon S3 we’ll be available on Google Meet over the course of an hour to provide assistance.

Wednesdays @ 9 - 10 am ET - Join on Google Meet

Wednesdays @ 6 - 7 pm ET - Join on Google Meet

Please email us at or call 801-410-0408 to schedule a time to meet one on one or at another time that works for you.


If you'd like to discuss pricing, pre-purchase GBs in bulk or have a TCO conversation please email us at or call 801-410-0408.


If you are a software vendor or service provider and would like to integrate or offer our solutions as part of your service, please reach out to

Also, check out the main website: Cloud Storage Security

Last update: February 7, 2022