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License Management


There are two main functions for the License Management page: apply a pre-paid license file and to modify the trial date when needed. Both functions are tied to a particular deployment and so the current deployment AppID is displayed on this screen so you can differentiate your deployments apart (should you have more than one). Also displayed is the Standard Prepaid GoFwd Data Remaining balance, the Standard Prepaid Retro Data Remaining balance, Sophos Prepaid GoFwd Data Remaining balance, the Sophos Prepaid Retro Data Remaining balance, the Trial Expiration Date and the Trial Data Remaining balance. As well as the License File History.

License Management

Prepaid GBs

Should you decide you'd like to pre-purchase a number of gigabytes you can apply the license file here and monitor your current balance. As files are scanned we will track the number of GBs scanned and decrement your balance. Once you have exhausted the pre-purchased GBs, we'll start to bill you along the consumption model. You are welcome to buy another prepaid bundle at that time as well.

Prepaid GBs fall into two categories: Standard and Premium. Standard represent your GBs used for scanning with the base engine, ClamAV. The default pricing model includes Standard GBs. Premium GBs represent the GBs you have available for scanning with the premium engine, Sophos. The only premium engine available today is through our partnership with Sophos. You will see the premium GBs listed as Sophos Prepaid . . . Data Remaining. These GBs are an add-on to the Standard GBs.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase this way.

Warning for BYOL

If you are leveraging the BYOL deployment option, when you're data runs out the product will continue to function and scan for an additional 14 days. When that window comes to a close, the agents will stop running and scanning. Please contact us to true up and update your licensing so the product continues to function.

Low Prepaid data


When you first subscribe and launch the product you will be operating under a 30 day or 500GB free trial. This will allow you to run the product in one or multiple regions to do a thorough test and prep prior to going live. You can easily track your time remaining here. And if life/work gets in the way, we understand and it is possible to extend the trial.

To Extend or Renew Your Free Trial

Whether time ran out and you were unable to do your testing or you have an install that is not communicating with our trial validation back end, you can simply contact us to get the trial refreshed. When you contact us we'll need the AppID found at the top of the License Management page within your Console.

You will also be notified on the main dashboard view when your trial is within 7 days of expiration or within 20% of your trial data amount.
Trial Expiry

Applying the license file

This is a simple process. You'll first Contact Us with your AppID to get a license file generated. We'll return a license file to you and you'll drag it into the box above. Done!

Last update: April 19, 2021