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How to Subscribe

Cloud Storage Security Antivirus for Amazon S3 is available via the AWS Marketplace. It is a simple, click-through process within your AWS account. Follow the steps below to subscribe to the Antivirus for Amazon S3 service.

Step 1 - Find the listing on the Amazon Marketplace

Go to the Cloud Storage Security Antivirus for Amazon S3 listing on Marketplace

Subscribe to Cloud Storage Security

Alternatively, you can search on the AWS Marketplace for "Antivirus for Amazon S3".

For use on GovCloud

For use on GovCloud, leverage the BYOL and GovCloud Listing

Subscribe to Cloud Storage Security GovCloud

Step 2 - Subscribe to Antivirus for Amazon S3

Click on the Continue to Subscribe button within the AWS Marketplace listing.
Below you will be asked to accept the terms. Before clicking, review the EULA.

AWS Subscribe Terms

The Effective Date and Expiration Date will change to Pending for a few seconds. Once they are approved, click the Continue to Configuration button. You are now officially subscribed to the product.

AWS Subscribed

Step 3 - Launch Antivirus for S3

For the next screen, you must select the Delivery Method and Software Version to continue. We recommend you leave the default options and click the Continue to Launch button.

AWS Subscribed

The final task is to launch the software. Scroll down under Container Images, under Deployment Templates, click the link Click to Launch Antivirus for Amazon S3 Deployment. This will open the AWS Console CloudFormation service in a different tab. Leave this tab open just in case you need to restart the Stack again.

AWS Subscribed

For GovCloud Deployment

For use on GovCloud, you will have leveraged the BYOL and GovCloud Listing. The same steps above apply to this listing as well with the exception the final Click to Launch option. Make sure to click the GovCloud option as seen below.

AWS Subscribed

You have completed subscribing to Cloud Storage Security Antivirus for Amazon S3. Go to the How to Deploy section to create the CloudFormation Stack to install the software.

Last update: February 12, 2021