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Product Upgrades

Upgrading the Product

Upgrading the Antivirus for Amazon S3 console and scanner is straight forward and easy to do. There are 3 updates you could face: Major, Console Minor and Patch and Agent Minor and Patch. All are performed from the top right corner of the console from the following icon . Notice the red dot as that is the indicator you have some form of update available. We are following the Major.Minor.Patch versioning number format. All updates are preformed through the simple click of a button in the Updates popup.

Major updates are a larger update that forces both the console and the agent to update. The console and agent can be updated independently, but they can never deviate from having the same Major version number.

Minor updates are those where we may have added new functionality. This applies to the console and the agents.

Patch updates are those where we have mainly added bug fixes to the release. This applies to the console and the agents.

When you click any of the update buttons, we will roll out a new Task Definition(s) pointing at the new version of the specified component. Major forces both the console and agents to update together. Console-only or Agent-only updates will just update that one component. This will span all regions you have agents running.


When upgrading the Scanning Agents it will update all agents running globally.


AWS Fargate does not persist IPs across task refreshes or reboots. Therefore a new IP is always generated. We provide a dedicated subdomain URL to abstract this from you so you have a consistent access experience. You can leave this URL as the default that was provided or you can specify a more useful name that is easier to remember.

Updates Popup

These are the messages, or something similar, during the update: Updates Popup Messages

And what you'll see post update:
Updates Popup Post Update

Console Updates

Console updates are delivered via a CloudFormation Stack update. We automate this for you by executing the stack update against the stack used to create the current running deployment. If you'd like to better understand the specifics of what was updated, you will be able to see this in the CloudFormation Service area of the AWS Console as seen below. In the image below, you'll see the initial installation was done on 6/18 and then an update was performed on 07/09 along with each component that was involved in the update.

Stack Updates

Agent Updates

Whereas the Console updates are performed through a CloudFormation update, agent updates are done through the Console itself.

Last update: February 5, 2021