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Manage Users


A user was initially specified and created during the deployment process. As with any new user, you were required to change your password as you signed in for the first time. The Manage Users section of the console is to extend the management of user(s) beyond that initial setup. From the Manage Users page you can create additional users (assuming your user is an Admin), delete users and modify users in the form of assigning them to groups and changing their roles.

Manage Users

Managing users involves creating, modifying, deleting or activating/deactivating their accounts. At the time of creation you will also assign them one or multiple groups to belong to. You can change the group assignment later as well.


You may not be using Groups to organize your accounts. There is always one group created by default, the Primary group. In this situation you would specify Primary as the group value.

As seen below you are presented a simple page with the list of existing users. Directly after install you will only have one user in the list that was created during deployment. You can add more users as desired from this page and they will be reflected here as well.

User List

Creating a new account is a simple process. Click the Create User button.

Create User Menu

Provide a User Name, a valid Email Address, the User Access Level and a Group to belong to. An email will be sent to the specified email address with a login URL and Temporary Password. There are two User Access Levels: Admin and User. The difference being Admin has access to all screens and configuration capabilities, while the User will not be able to create additional users or modify any of the configuration.


User account types can see all dashboards and buckets and can enable / disable buckets.

Create Account

After creating the new user, they will be in a pending state until they have logged in and reset their password. They have 7 days to complete this with the password that was sent to them. After that time period, they can just initiate a password reset to finish off the process.

Create Account Pending

To modify an existing user, select the action menu (user menu) on the particular user's row. Now select the appropriate action you'd like to take: Change Groups, Change Role or Disable User. If the user has already been disabled you will be given an option to delete the user.

Modify User

Selecting Change Role pops open the following:
Modify User change role
Selecting Change Groups pops open the following:
Modify User change role

Change Password

To change your own password, you will select the user icon User icon in the upper right corner of the console and select Change Password from the menu.
Change Password menu
Just as you did when you first logged into the console, you need to provide your current password and then what you'd like for your new password. Be sure to follow the rules as described at the bottom of the page.

Password Reset


You cannot reset another user's password from the console. Have the user leverage the Forgot Password link at the login screen.

Sign out

To sign out of the console, you will select the user icon User icon in the upper right corner of the console and select Sign Out from the menu.


Last update: October 1, 2020